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                Background of  West Tech

                West Tech Chemical Co.,Ltd


                West Tech Chemical CO., LTD absorbed advanced technology and management concept of multi-national chemical company. Company has introduced internationally advanced testing instruments and production equipment, and established a domestic first-class product research and development and testing laboratory.

                Company has awarded National High-Tech Enterprise, A Class Credit of Tax Unit, and Vice President Unit of Rosin Branch of China National Forest Product Industry.

                Yunfu Shengda Rosin Chemical CO. LTD is the only one facility that produce polymerized resin by sulfuric acid process in China.

                West Tech has a number of advanced rosin resin production lines. Company main products are Water-based Rosin Resin Dispersion, Food Grade Rosin Resin, Depilatory Wax Resin, Tackify Rosin Resin and Polymerized Rosin. Company is the approval supplier of a number of multinational companies and listed companies.

                Company has passed the audit and won the certificates of ISO9001-2015 Quality Management System, ISO140001:2015 Environment Management, ISO22000-2015 Food Safety Management System, Kosher Certificate, TFS Sustainability certification, got the registration of REACH, and won the pride of ¡°Observe the contract and emphasis the credit¡± company in Guangdong.

                Enterprise culture

                1¡¢Company vision: To become the leader of rosin derivatives processing industry.

                2¡¢Company mission: To create benefits for the society, create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, and create profits for shareholders.

                3¡¢ Company values: Honesty management and sustainable development

                4¡¢ Business philosophy: Integrity, Innovation, Responsibility, win-win

                5¡¢ Team concept: Unity, hard work, pragmatic, efficient

                6¡¢ Quality requirements: Care, loyalty, responsibility, positive

                7¡¢ The principle of employment: Apply according to ability, choose the best and discard the worst